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Welcome to my personal LJ account. :) This blog will consist of lots of random crap and ranting from my life.
*Please note that probably about half of my posts will be friends only.

I’m Courtney; 18, live in Minnesota.

I’m a Pisces, a Boar in the Chinese zodiac, and my elements are Water, Earth, and Wood; I believe they fit me to a T.
I’m kind of a nerd for astrology, as you can tell.

I'm a bit on the chubby side, easily distracted, super sensitive & temperamental, always have my head in the clouds, a giant sweet-tooth, quiet & often shy, a little lazy, very hard on myself, tend to have a problem with motivating myself, my willpower is a bit weak sometimes, and I try so hard to treat others as I'd like to be treated. I guess overall, I'm just a little weird - but all anyone can ever do is try, right?

I have this thing where I refuse to capitalize the names of people I don’t respect or don’t like. Yeah.

I’m not religious. I believe in the idea of Social Unbelief, that religion often does more harm than good. Disagree if you want. That’s just how I see it. That doesn't mean I'm an atheist though, because I'm actually quite Spiritual.

I’m a nerd when it comes to videogames. Although I can’t say I’m the best at them or that I play all that many, I truly enjoy the ones I do play.

I love music and I’m always listening to something; J-rock, K-pop, Symphonic Metal, Alternative, R&B, Rock, Pop, etc.
Any recommendations? Do share.

I can come off as this depressing and negative person, but deep down, I really want to be optimistic and hopeful, and I try to be, I really do. But sometimes, I feel as if the world keeps giving me reasons why that might be a bad idea; people are crazy. As a result, the undesirable negativity kicks in.

I'm a daydreamer; the ultimate escapist.

aghlkafjdlsglkaskf, I love piercings, you have no idea. They’re probably damn near a fetish of mine by now. :B Seriously though, piercings are hot, ohhhhmyyyygaawwshh.

I love psychology♥

I support LGBTQIAP. Because, honestly, sexuality is not something that should even be an issue. Sexuality is not something anyone can help.

I’m pretty shy, and I often avoid making the first move of practically anything and I hate confronting people first.

I love animals. c:

I’ve always had an interest in the supernatural and the unexplainable.

I’m French, Norwegian, Spanish, German, Finnish, Swedish, English, and whatever else my ancestors may have bred with.

I’m pretty addicted to tumblr, Diablo II, and Skyrim right now.♥

I’m very nice so don’t be afraid to say hello. :D