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It was Victoria's Secret's semi-annual sale yesterday

And guess who spent all of her saved money from her last birthday on yoga pants?!
Yeeeeaaaahhhh boi!
Okay, so I love their yoga pants... >__>
Don't judge me, they are soooooo comfy.
And they're cute, despite what some people may say.
And make my ass look a million times better. 8D
As a future payment to me for helping, my mom also bought me some panties! c:
They're so cute too!
I could live in their store, I swear.<3
So cute, so glamorous and sexy.
So... many comfy pairs of yoga pants.<3
I could also live in Forever 21, but ANYWAY. >__>

Ah! And before that, I finally cleaned up *most* of my room!
I emphasize *most.*
Heh. >u>

I've been feeling oddly motivated and productive lately...
I like it. I hope this feeling never goes away! D8

Today my mom gave me $20 for helping her with her garage sale today! :3

And I did my daily workout. c:

I feel so happy right now!
Now if only I could get a job and see Victor more often... >3>


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