Awww yeeaaahhh.

I've lost 9 pounds in 5 days.

Fuck the nonbelievers, I'm proving them wrong. 8D


I started the hCG protocol yesterday, and after I woke up and weighed myself this morning, my weight went down 5 pounds!

Now, obviously, this is not going to be a normal thing for the rest of the time I do the protocol (a pound is normal), but it was a huge motivation boost!

One and a half days down, 43 more to go!

You know what I hate?
When people de-bunk the hCG protocol when they haven’t even tried it.

I’ve done it before, and lost 30 pounds in 35 days. I wasn’t fucking “starving” and I wasn’t unhealthy. Yeah, it’s not for everyone, because everyone is different. Not everyone will like this diet. But you know, for others, it works phenomenally.

And you know what else? It’s not a fucking “normal” diet where it’s dangerous to eat 500 calories a day. Would this be dangerous on any other diet? Yes, absolutely. But not on the hCG diet. Let me tell you what the hCG does when combined with a 500 calorie diet. It protects your lean muscles so you don’t lose any muscle. It suppresses your hunger. It burns and uses the extra stored fat cells you have and uses that as energy along with the 500 calories you eat each day. So no, you’re not just living off of 500 calories a day. The diet as a whole resets your hypothalamus and your metabolism to a normal rate. And you keep off the weight after the diet, provided you don’t start to eat junk every day after that, other wise you will gain. But that’s normal. You eat crap all the time? Of course you’re gonna gain it back. If you eat those things within moderation, you’ll be just fine!

Just because everyone brainwashed you to think that this kind of diet is impossible or extremely unhealthy, doesn’t mean you should go bashing it based on results of other normal low calorie diets.

Writer's Block: Happy New Year!

What is your New Year’s Resolution?
I have a few, actually - who doesn't, though?

One, I'd like to lose about 35-40 lbs.
Currently working on that.

I'd like to work on my temper. I'd like to learn how to control my emotions better. I get worked up too easily. But I guess by now that's kind of expected from a Pisces anyway...

I want to start looking at things more positively.
I have a bad habit of being a pessimist unfortunately.

I'd also like to limit my cursing by like, a lot.
It kind of makes me sound like trailer trash.
I don't even live in a trailer...

And I'd like to improve how much I study and how I study. I'd like to improve my grades.
I mean, they aren't bad right now. But at the rate I'm going they will be. I hope to get much more motivation a determination this year.

I want to take time to read.
Just relax and read.
I haven't done that in so long.
Too long, in fact.
I can't remember the last time I just read a book just for fun. It's sad, honestly.

I tend to be overly critical of other people and especially of myself. 
I'd like to start abolishing that trait as much as I can.
It's a bad trait to have and it sucks.
It makes you feel like crap.

Hm, there's probably way more, but that's all that I can think of right now.

Writer's Block: Words to Live by

What is your favorite quote?
It's hard to choose just one, but this is probably one I can relate to the most.

"If you've always lived in the light then you won't know what darkness is, and if you've only experienced happiness then you can't recognize real sorrow. You have to experience all of life to truly be alive."- Kyo (Dir en grey)

Dir en grey concert! :D

I bought a t-shirt with a picture of the band on the front and the whole U.S. tour on the back which was $30 and a wristband which was $10 that says DIR EN GREY on it.
I would've bought one of the hoodies, but they were too expensive, and I only had $40.
And when Kali and I were waiting outside in line to get in, we met some pretty cool people. Kali immediately clicked with this one girl we met, I think her name was Nakita or something. And I started talking with this awesome guy named Bond. We talked about music and shit like that, yeahhhh. :B
Omg, Toshiya is so much cuter in person, you guys have no idea.
And Kyo changed his hair. His hair is black and spiky now. It looks great though!
During the show Kaoru started throwing guitar picks in the audience and the first one he threw landed between these two people who either didn't see it or cared all that much about it. So I bolted right for it. It's so pretty too! It's purple and silver.

Kali had gotten one of Die's guitar picks, but some asshole had ripped it out of her hand! What the fuck, right?
Bond almost got Shinya's drumsticks, but some guy in front of Bond jumped up and got them. What a shame. I would have loved to see them.
And then after the show, Kali, Nakita, and I were walking near the tour bus, to see what was going on over there, but also because we were waiting for our ride and we didn't want to listen to Apoctalyptica. Especially since all they were playing was fucking Metallica. I mean, Metallica is fine, but for fuck's sake, play your own damn songs. When bands only play songs from other artists, it says to me that they don't have enough creativity nor talent to write their own. It's annoying.
While we were out there, Die walked past us (with a body guard, so I didn't even try to get near him, and besides, I'm not the type to like, freak out) and Kali plucked up the courage to say hi, and I waved. And he waved back! c: Gaaaaahhhhhhhhh, aghshafakldhffkj.♥ :B
It was just such a wonderful night for me.

I'm hoping I can get a VIP package if I ever see them again, it would be awesome to meet them, even if only for a minute. c:

Writer's Block: Daydream believer
If you could choose to control your dreams, would you? If so, what would you dream about?

Yes, I would choose to control my dreams. I would dream about everything that I love, everything that makes me happy, and all the people that I care about. I usually just dream about random crap that doesn't even make any sense half the time, and then I just end up forgetting what the dream was even about.
OH, and sex dreams. I'm not gonna lie, I would like more of those very much, thank you.

Writer's Block: Childhood Memories As A Kid
Backyard games, summer camp, trips to the pool… what's your favorite childhood memory of summer?

Probably my favorite thing during any summer vacation is not having to do homework and deal with idiots from school.
One summer, after 7th grade, I found a Dir en grey fanfic archive and I started to really get into Dir en grey Yaoi fanfics. I would stay up all night to read more and more of the fics that were posted on the site, and there was quite a bit of fics on there too. By the end of the summer, I had read almost all of the fics on the site, and I was already inspired to write my own, because I had liked them so much.
That site is gone now, but I managed to salvage about half of the fics and I saved them. I still read them sometimes to this day.

Writer's Block: Best book ever!

Is there any book you can read over and over again without ever getting sick of it? Do you discover something new every time you read it?

I had come across this series of four short books in fourth grade that I still love today. The series is called Here Comes Heavenly, and is written by Todd Strasser. It's about a punk-ish looking nanny that comes into the lives of an upper-middle class family. The family is hesitant, of course, to hire her, but the kids end up loving her. And the best part, I think, is that the nanny is also a Wiccan! Then there's the Finnegan Zwake murder mystery series by Micheal Dahl, I love those books so much! And then I also really enjoy stupid, girly books like All American Girl by Meg Cabot and The Serious Kiss by Mary Hogan. >///> I guess I have a weakness for cute stories.

But besides those, there aren't many books that I can read over and over again, there are fanfics that I've read that I don't think I'm ever going to get tired of though, because of the fact that they're so cute and they have my favorite band in them! For example: Room 304, Diety Hall by Yukimi2 is one of my favorite fanfics I've ever read, and it has my favorite pairing in it; DieXShinya! :3 And the Heaven Cannot Wait fics by Matrim, and anything by VanillaMint, Lady7, and Kurara!! xD

Writer's Block: Chocolate, spice, or anything nice
I don't know if my computer + internet counts as a simple indulgence, but if it is, then no, I can't say I would ever give that up.

Writer's Block: World's best snack!
What are your all-time favorite snacks? Do you have different snacks for different activities (such as chips at work/school; Cheetohs during deadlines, or popcorn during movies/gaming)? How often does your taste in snacks change?

I really like milk for some reason. And I like sandwiches (but I'm quite picky of its contents), sushi (I rarely have it though), chips and guacamole, croissants, Toll House crackers, bagels & cream cheese, Very Vanilla Silk soy milk, and pasta, omg, I love pasta, and those Little Debbie cakes. There's a lot more I'm forgetting, but yeah.. :B
My taste can change in a couple months or a couple years, it really depends.

Writer's Block: My endless love
Who, or what, is the greatest love of your life? Is it a person? Is it a creative pursuit, involving music, writing, cooking, or art? Is it a passion, like food, film, or travel? How has it shaped your life?
It seems my love for J-rock and K-pop is everlasting. I just can't get enough of it. It's either so pretty, or so uplifting, or just sounds great. Their voices and languages are absolutely beautiful to me.
I also can't seem to tear myself away from certain videogames, no matter how much I've played them already. Like Age of Mythology, Diablo II, The Sims 2, and Skyrim

But I have to say that I love my boyfriend very, very much, as well.

Writer's Block: High notes
If you could only listen to one music genre for the rest of your life (classical, rock, jazz, etc.), what would you choose, and why?

This is very hard, because I have more than just one favorite genre. But I suppose I would have to choose J-rock. It has always intrigued me and I keep coming back for more.<3


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